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CCE SP Trial Version 2.70

CCE-SP encodes AVI, DV and QuickTime files into DVD compliant MPEG streams
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CCE-SP is an off-line encoder, which is capable of encoding AVI, DV and QuickTime files into DVD compliant MPEG streams and pristine formats, along with precise customized settings. The application is ideally suited for the creation of MPEG-2 streams, and is highly useful especially for the 3DCG Animators, non-liner video editors, game creators as well as DVD professionals.

The latest version 2.70 features a new improved graphical user interface, and many other attractive features such as Automatic resolution conversion function on DVD/SVCD/VCD mode, 3:2 pulldown, Automatic file size calculation, Automatic adding of encoding pass for more accurate inverse 3:2 pulldown, 4:1:1 -> 4:2:2 interpolation, de-interlacing functionality and a lot more. The software also allows adaptive quantization matrices switching for multi-pass VBR, and features an option of outputting bottom field first stream.

The user has options like Automatic switching of block scan order, Blanking function, Quality improvement in fades on a static scene, Adjustment for black frames, Monochrome encoding mode, Save/load template to/from file, Reuse of the last modified parameter setting, etc. at disposal. It automatically shuts down the system when encoding is done.

This is a 30-day free trial version

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  • Quantization matrixes can be altered dynamically to achieve higher picture quality


  • Only specific Dual Core CPUs and stringent support requirements
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